Doctorado en Economía

Leonardo Gasparini

  • Garganta, S. y Gasparini, L. (2015). "The Impact of a Social Program on Labor Informality: The Case of AUH in Argentina". Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 115, pp. 99-110.
  • Alvaredo, F. y Gasparini, L. (2015). Recent Trends in Inequality and Poverty in Developing Countries. En Atkinson and Bourguignon (eds.). Handbook of Income Distribution, vol.2, Elsevier, chapter 9, pp. 697-805.
  • Gasparini, L. y Marchionni, M. (2015). Bridging gender gaps? The rise and deceleration of female labor force participation in Latin America. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.

    Alberto Porto

    • “Personal and Regional redistribution through public finance in a federal setting” (en colaboración con W. Cont), The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, ISSN 1062-9769, Vol. 54, pp.563-578, 2014.
    • “Fiscal decentralization and economic integration in Mercosur: Argentina and Brazil” (en colaboración con N. Porto y D. Tortarollo”). Latin American Business Review, 2015, Vol.15, 3-4, pp. 225-252. ISSN 1097-8526 print; 1528-6932 on line.
    • “Fiscal policy and income distribution: measurement for Argentina 1995-2010” (en colaboración con W. Cont). Review of Economics & Finance, Vol 6, Issue 2, 2016. ISSN: 1923-7529 (print); ISSN: 1923-8401 (on line).

    Walter Cont

    • Hancevic, P., W. Cont y F. Navajas (2016), “Energy populism and household welfare”, Energy Economics, 56: 464-474.
    • Cont, W., y A. Porto (2016), “Fiscal policy and income distribution. Argentina 1995 - 2010”, Review of Economics & Finance, 6(2): 75-92.
    • Mercadier, A., W. Cont y G. Ferro (2016), “Economies of scale in Peru’s water and sanitation sector”, Journal of Productivity Analysis, 45(2), 215-228.

    Guido G. Porto

    • High-Income Export Destinations, Quality and Wages (with I. Brambilla). Journal of International Economics, vol 98, pp. 21-35, 2016.
    • A Mapping of Labor Mobility Costs in the Developing World (with E. Artuc and D. Lederman). Journal of International Economics, vol. 95(1), pp. 28-41, 2015.
    • Exports, Export Destinations and Skills (with I. Brambilla and D. Lederman). American Economic Review, vol. 102(7), pp. 3406-38, 2012.

    Christian A. Ruzzier

    • “‘Make-or-Buy’ as Competitive Strategy: Evidence from the Spanish Local TV Industry” (with R. Gil), forthcoming at Management Science
    • “Career Choices and the Evolution of the College Gender Gap” (with M. Rossi), forthcoming at The World Bank Economic Review
    • “Price Elasticity of Demand for Broadband: Evidence from Latin America and the Caribbean” (with H. Galperin), Telecommunications Policy 37(6-7), pp. 429-438, July-August 2013

    Irene Brambilla

    • Brambilla, Irene, Daniel Lederman and Guido Porto "Exporters, Engineers, and Blue Collar Workers", World Bank Economic Review, forthcoming 2016.
    • Brambilla, Irene, and Guido Porto, "High-Income Export Destinations, Quality and Wages", Journal of International Economics, Vol. 98, January 2016, pp.21-35.
    • Brambilla, Irene, Daniel Lederman, and Guido Porto, "Exports, Export Destinations and Skills", American Economic Review, Vol. 102, No. 7, December 2012, pp. 3406-3438.

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